1998 – 2003 Zuschg

Scheme for the town center developement, LI – Schaanwald
Commissioning authority: Community of Mauren

Close to the austrian border, Schaanwald is located alongside  a major traffic artery.
Affordable land having been available on the hillside, the village continuosly grew during the past years.
Residents and the local authorities agreed to tackle two major challenges:
the absence of public infrasctructure and the emmissions of rush hour traffic.
The project claims and reinterprets the historically grown main street as backbown of the center developement.
New buliding density gives a face to the street. Public services found a new home: town hall, post office, bank, shops, offices.
The backside of the town center is oriented toward farmland to the West and suitable for collective housing.
Spatial condensation slows traffic down with appealing effect; the road becomes a piece of an urban ambience.
As a kick off, the new town hall and club house opened in 2010 to encourage private investors to continue the developement.

© Brunhart Brunner Kranz Architekten AG

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Site plan, storical map, developement scheme

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