2010 – 2012 Waberg Estate Vinery

Waberg Estate Vinery developement, I – Aglientu, Sardinia
Client: Waberg AG
Developement scheme
Conversion of historic substance
Office, four flats

The fourty hectares of land in a protected area in northern Sardinia were formerly used as farmland.
Left abandoned for almost fifty years, an array of ruins such as given up buldings, paths,
and a enormous variety of plants reemerged during the clearance of the property.
While the location of the vinyards was to a large extent determined by the topography, an existing  typical Sardinian complex of bulidings was defined as starting point of the re-developement of the estate.
This “Stazzù” is situated in a strategic position with a view across the sea towards Corsica.
It accomodates the vinery’s office, the owners apartements and a guest house.
Step by step, the bulidings for production, storage, distribution and sales will be established.
The rediscovered pathways were reconnected and now form a  network of intimate routes trough the estate and its amazing landscape.

with Florian Kühne & Lukas Pankraz Mähr, architects


Stazzu main house, remnants, aerial view, groundfloor plan guest house & main building; site plan

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