2008 – 2010 Schneehuus Lodge

Furt, CH – Wangs
Client: Hausbau Schöb AG
Building costs: EUR 1.9 Mill.
Boarding house & wellness-area
Restaurant & lounge
Two 2-room flats, one 4-room flat

Located at an altitude of 1522 m in the Pizol ski resort area, the originally lodge has been destroyed by fire in 2007.
Following the mountain’s natural shape, the house is built of prefabricated wooden elements onto a concrete base floor.
While the southern hillside facade protects a terrace, the north side of the building allows a spectacular view over the Rhine valley.
Due to the isolated location of the building, a zero-emission, almost autarkic energy concept was adopted.
By twist of fate, the interiors of the lodge burned (see picture below) shortly after the opening. The lodge has been closed since then.


Site plan, facade sketches, base floor, entrance level, upper floors

GR 05 Arbeitskopie 500 SIT v11

GR 06 100 v11_UG
GR 06 100 v11
GR 06 100 v11_DG
GR 06 100 v11 DG2
SchneehuGR 02 v11_FAS



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