1999 – 2001 Risch House conversion

Fürst-Franz-Josef-Strasse 46, LI – Schaan
Client: Ernst Risch
10 rooms single housing

Bulit in the early 1930’s in a moderate modernist style, the house has originally accomodated 3 flats.
The main challenges of  the project were: To hide the in parts major changes to the existing structure,
and to conserve the solidly elegant general aspect of the building.
The interior was refurbished using materials refering to the epoch when the house was originally built.

© Brunhart Brunner Kranz Architekten AG

Gardenside parlours enfilade



Süd_GR       003_6_ERisch_Eingang
Southern elevation & ground floor plan, entrance



Entrance wardrobe and 1st floor level



003_13_ERisch_Elternbad           003_9_ERisch_Entree

Master bthroom, entrance hall, library

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