1998 – 2003 Liechtenstein National Museum

Städtle 45, 9490 Vaduz
Commissioning authority: Principality of Liechtenstein
Building costs: EUR 26.6 m
Historical collections and natural history exhibits
Temporary exhibition hall, multi-media areas
Workshops & administration
Safekeeping of cultural property

The National Museum is made up of three inter-linked building sections: the ‘Landesverweserhaus’, the old National Museum and the extension built into the rock of the castle which it backs onto. The old buildings clearly dominate the Städtlestrasse, while the new extension is intentionally hidden modestly behind a quarry stone retaining wall. The only indication of its inner function is a multi-level loggia.

© Brunhart Brunner Kranz Architekten AG with Sabine Kranz



Extenstion staircase


South facade with “Verweserhaus”


Natural history collection, cross section


Loggia, upper floor plan


“Landesmsueum” staircase, cross section,


001_16_LLM_Fuersten       001_14_LLM_Kassenraum

Collections, Shop, renaissance parlour


North entrance facade with “Landesmuseum”

001_11_LLM_Loggiatueren  LLM_Loggia EW v12.mcd
Loggia entrance, loggia natural stone layout

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