2008 – 2013 Höfle Housing & office

Höfle 23, LI – Balzers
Client: Andreas Vogt
Projected building costs: EUR 1.75 m
Office, 2 41/2-room apartments, loft

A fire seriously damaged the former “Liechtensteinerhof” restaurant in the Höfle quarter.
Only the late medieval arches on the ground floor and the south-facing extension survived. The reconstruction project provides for an upper floor and loft on top of these “remnants”.
The striking cross gable of the roof adds to the distinction already provided by the building’s prominent location at the northern entrance of the Höfle district.
See also scheme for the “Höfle” quarter.

with Beat Roman Gassner, Florian Kühne architects


Site plan, ground floor plan, upper floor plan, north facade,  former “Liechtensteinerhof” in the 1940’s

AVB GR 01 VAR 5 BE-1-500





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