2001 – 2002 Höfle development

Scheme for the Höfle quarter developement, LI – Balzers
Commissioning authority: Community of Balzers

At least since the medieval age, the Höfle (the courtyards) quarter in the center of Balzers became a transportation and busines hub due to its position alongside of a formerly important south-north circulation axis across the alps.
This typical, historically grown and densely built quarter was almost entirely abandoned in the 1980’s and finally destroyed by fire on february 7, 2001.
Althoug the development scheme responds to the contemporary needs of public and private housing, supplemented by small infrastructures, it is based on the courtyard theme as a reminder of former density.
After regulation of the complex property rights issues, the rebuilding of the Höfle quarter by public and private investors is meanwhile almost complete (see also Höfle housing & office).

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The Höfle qurter fire 2001

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